Marian Jancarik

Marian is Colibri Aircraft’s representative based in Bratislava, Slovakia working on behalf of client’s interests in the purchase and sale of private aircraft. With each client having unique circumstances, he locates and advises on optimal buying or selling situations tailored to meet their needs. He analyses opportunities based on the numerous valuable aspects of a transaction, not just the price. This provides a more comprehensive view allowing the client to make the most informed decision. By evaluating market trends and activity, he counsels clients on how their aircraft relate technically and financially to the marketplace. In addition to individual clients and companies, Marian also works very closely with financial institutions to give current market values on their assets and advise them on avoiding potential problems with the aircraft in their portfolio. He also markets and resells aircraft for their benefit, structuring transactions around their financial needs and possible deadlines that may be necessary.

In the past Marian was heading ABS Jets in Prague for five years; he took the helm when it was a start-up and left the company when it had become a major player in its field with one of the largest Embraer fleets. He also has the experience of working as the exclusive area representative in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia for Embraer in charge of their sales and promotion of their executive jets through the Al Saif Aviation Group, as well as the business planning, and execution of aviation activities of the Group. This provided an intimate knowledge of the business customs and clientele in this region that has a penchant for large cabin aircraft. In an industry with no borders having someone with such a global business awareness is invaluable.